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Project: Adtalk Chatbot

AdTalk, a cutting-edge chatbot interface, enhances online shopping by providing a conversational experience that tailors product recommendations through user interactions.

AdTalk, a cutting-edge chatbot interface, enhances online shopping by providing a conversational experience that tailors product recommendations through user interactions.


AdTalk: Revolutionizing E-Commerce with Conversational AI

AdTalk redefines the way users interact with ads by integrating a conversational AI that acts as a personal stylist online. This innovative chatbot interface engages users with interactive dialogues, allowing them to specify their preferences and needs. The result is a personalized pathway that leads to tailored product recommendations, significantly enhancing user experience and engagement.

The Product

AdTalk utilizes advanced AI algorithms to simulate a real-time conversation with users. It asks pertinent questions related to occasion, personal style, and current fashion trends, intelligently guiding users to products that fit their tastes. This system not only ensures a higher rate of qualified clicks—where users are fully informed before they click—but also gathers valuable consumer insights for future marketing strategies.


AdTalk’s application in e-commerce represents a significant leap forward in digital marketing, particularly in enhancing user engagement:

  1. Conversational Experience: Users interact with AdTalk as they would with a human sales assistant. The chatbot asks questions and provides choices that lead to a refined selection of products tailored to the user’s preferences.

  2. Tailored Pathways: Based on the user’s responses, AdTalk dynamically generates a pathway that guides them to a landing page specifically equipped with recommendations suited to their needs.

  3. Stylistic Recommendations: Acting as a digital stylist, AdTalk offers outfit and product recommendations based on the occasion specified by the user, their personal style preferences, and inspirations from current fashion icons.

  4. Dual Objectives: The primary goal of AdTalk is to achieve a qualified click-through, ensuring that users are well-informed about the products before making a decision. Simultaneously, it collects data about user interactions, which provides brands with insights into consumer preferences and behavior patterns.


The development of AdTalk involved several key phases, each critical to delivering a seamless user experience and valuable data collection:

  • AI Model Training: Developed and trained AI models to understand and process natural language effectively, allowing the chatbot to engage users in meaningful conversations.

  • User Interface Design: Crafted a user-friendly interface that makes interactions simple and enjoyable. The design encourages users to continue the conversation, increasing engagement and the likelihood of a qualified click.

  • Pathway Algorithm Development: Implemented algorithms that dynamically generate personalized pathways based on user responses. This backend logic is crucial for directing users to appropriate landing pages without manual intervention.

  • Data Analytics Integration: Integrated data analytics to monitor interactions and gather insights. This data helps Effectv understand who is interacting with the ad and refine future advertising strategies based on real user preferences and behaviors.

  • Testing and Optimization: Conducted extensive testing to ensure the chatbot operates smoothly across different devices and platforms. Continuous optimization efforts help improve conversation flows based on user feedback and interaction trends.

  • Collaboration with Marketing Teams: Worked closely with marketing teams to align the chatbot’s dialogue options and pathway suggestions with current marketing objectives and product promotions.

AdTalk exemplifies the power of conversational AI in transforming e-commerce experiences. By providing personalized recommendations and gathering consumer insights, it not only enhances user engagement but also empowers marketers to tailor their strategies more effectively.

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